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Premium Interest Checking Account

The perfect solution for individuals and legal entities looking to grow their savings while enjoying the convenience of a checking account.

With our Premium Interest Checking Account, you can unlock the potential to earn competitive interest rates that go above and beyond traditional checking accounts. By maintaining a monthly average balance of $50,000 or more, you'll be eligible to enjoy the benefits of this exclusive account.


Here's what makes our Premium Interest Checking Account stand out:

Once you reach a monthly average balance of $50,000 or more, you'll start earning interest on your funds. Our competitive interest rates ensure that your money doesn't just sit idle; it works hard for you, helping you grow your savings effortlessly.

Competitive Interest Rates:

This account offers all the features you expect from a modern checking account. You'll receive a personalized debit card for easy access to your funds, online and mobile banking services for convenient manageability.

Flexibility and Convenience:

As a Premium Interest Checking Account holder, you'll gain access to exclusive perks such as priority customer service, complimentary financial consultations, and special offers on other financial products and services.

Additional Perks:

Start maximizing the potential of your money with our Premium Interest Checking Account. Let your savings grow while enjoying the convenience and flexibility of a modern checking account. Reach new financial heights with us!


Visa Debit Card available for individual customers.

Box_Credit card_Open.png

Credit Cards*

Through our Visa Credit Card partner you can make payments in anywhere in the world Visa is accepted with competitive rates.

*This product is only applicable for individuals.



As our client, you may qualify to obtain a collateralized loan with the most attractive market rates.

*This product is applicable for both individuals and legal entities

Access your accounts

View account balances

Initiate transactions

Bank statements

Manage your account from anywhere in the world 24/7 with our Online Banking, a dedicated and secure platform that allows you to:

Online Banking


Certificates of Deposit

Also known as fixed-term deposits, this product serves for saving, earning interest in your favor with no risk.

For Individuals

Open Account

Minimum Amount USD$ 5,000


For Legal Entities

Open Account

Minimum Amount USD$ 10,000

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